“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re                         brave enough to be yourself. “       
Our experiences and perceptions in life create your beliefs. What you believe is what you perceive to be true based on what you have experienced in life. Your beliefs about yourself, other people, the world, what’s right and wrong, and everything else is never – in a million years – going to match up to someone else’s beliefs perfectly. Difference gives us competitive edge and more scope for development and innovation. So here at we strive to be Different!
                                Everyone is creative in some way, but there are many different creative talents that we can have. Some of us are good at improvising, some of us are good at inventing, some of us are good at creating, and some of us are good at envisioning things.
 MMI has a great Physical and Intellectual Infrastructure making us 'An Academy of Excellence'.
 MMI is a different Organization working for the benefit of the society in the National interest.
 MMI has a fully equipped Sports Complex having expert coaches in various games and athletics for the development of the mind and the body.
 The rich Indian cultural has to be implemented in children to protect our cultural wealth.